Woman Discovers More Than 90 Snakes Were Living Underneath Her California Home

Sonoma County Reptile Rescue Facebook

Al Wolf, snake expert of over 30 years, encountered the largest number in his career of snakes that need retriever for one location.

After a woman called to report snakes at her home,  Al Wolf, the director of Sonoma County Reptile Rescue, a Sebastopol-based nonprofit rescue organization, came to check things out.

Wolf was expecting a few snakes at most, according to SFGate. “I’ve been doing this 32 years,” Wolf said to the outlet.

“I get calls with snakes under the house pretty often. The most I’ve done under a house is four or five."

According to Press Democrat, the Oct. 2 call led the seasoned snake catcher to retrieve the largest number of snakes in his career.

Wolf used his snake tongs to gather 22 adult and 59 baby Pacific rattlesnakes, which are considered one of the deadliest snakes in Northern California. The work took almost four hours, according to Wolf's Facebook post.

Wolf identified an active den beneath the woman’s house, and later took another two trips to the home, finding another 11 snakes.

The snakes were having babies and had been there for quite some time. Since the foundation of the home was dug in such a rocky area, it may have made it easier for the snakes to set up their own home under the house, according to Wolf. 

The woman, who according to the outlets was not alarmed, wanted to remain anonymous in an effort not to alarm her neighbors.

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