Woman Drags Nail Salon Employee Across Parking Lot With Her Car

Her attorney says she felt intimidated.

Video shows a disgruntled nail salon customer in Indiana dragging an employee across a parking lot with her car. 

Charley Fowler, 28, is accused of walking out of Diamond & Nails Spa in Valparaiso without paying Saturday. The salon said she complained about her manicure and did not wish to pay for it. She allegedly refused an offer to have it redone.

"You can clearly see on the video that she's showing the manager her nails — she's indicating that it was painful, that it was bleeding, that it was rushed, and she's not going to pay the $30 for the service," Fowler’s attorney Jesse Harper told Inside Edition. 

In the surveillance video, the customer is seen taking a seat while the manager calls cops to sort out the situation. Then, according to a police report, the customer told the manager "she was going to wait in her vehicle."

When she left the salon, a male employee chased after her and surveillance video showed her dragging the man across the lot. 

Cops say the employee "hung on to the vehicle's hood and was dragged approximately 40 feet."

In a surveillance video, he was seen sprawled on the hood of the car. 

When cops arrive, they placed the woman under arrest. Fowler, a mental-health therapist, was charged with theft, which she disputes.

Her lawyer insists she was only moving her car a short distance to defuse a tense situation while they awaited police, and that this is a civil not a criminal matter.

"She felt intimidated," her attorney told Inside Edition. "One of the employees jumped on the hood of her car as she drove slowly down to remove herself from the situation."