Woman Dubbed ‘Chainsaw Karen’ After Video Showing Her Cutting Down Fence Neighbor Says Was Theirs Goes Viral

Fences usually make for good neighbors. That wasn't the case in one Canadian neighborhood.

A fence started a feud between neighbors in Toronto, Canada, involved a very dangerous power tool, earning one woman the nickname, "Chainsaw Karen."

“Chainsaw Karen” and her husband were filmed hacking away at a fence before tossing it into their neighbor's yard. 

As the incident unfolded, the daughter of their neighbor could be seen screaming for them to stop what they were doing.

A scuffle ensued between the so-called “Chainsaw Karen” and the neighbor’s daughter. In one video, “Chainsaw Karen” told the neighbor’s daughter to “call her lawyer.”

The neighbor’s other daughter posted video of “Chainsaw Karen” cutting the fence on TikTok, where it has gone viral.

Both sides in the dispute claim the fence is on their property.

Police in Toronto were called to the scene but no one was charged.    

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