Woman Dumps Boyfriend After He Criticizes Her 'Beer Gut'

He later apologized.

An Oregon woman was not about to stand for it when her boyfriend fat-shamed after she asked his opinion on a selfie.

Shelby Johnson, 23, says she's always struggled with being underweight.

She didn't weigh much more than 90 pounds in high school, and when she finally reached a healthy 120 pounds, she posed for a selfie in her Calvin Klein underwear and texted her boyfriend of three months for his opinion.   

"The main issue is your gut might stick out more than mine, and that's just weird," he replied. 

As they discussed the photo, Johnson asked, "Are you getting less attracted to me at all? Be honest."

He answered: “I don't think so, but I will if it keeps going. But you're definitely getting a beer gut babe."

Johnson told Inside Edition that when she saw that comment, she was “kind of surprised” at first and thought he was joking.

“Then I told him, 'What you're saying hurts my feelings.' He told me I was overacting. I was really hurt,” she said. 

The senior at Portland State University in Oregon posted screen grabs of the conversation on Twitter and asked her friends for advice.

Her post quickly went viral and the overwhelming response was, "Dump him!"

Based on that public opinion and her own misgivings about the boyfriend's remarks, she decided to break up with him.

“I decided I was done," Johnson told Inside Edition. "It was nothing I was going to tolerate. Having 120 pounds on me is exactly what I wanted, exactly what I needed to be, everyone in my life has rooted me on and so, when you get met with someone who doesn't want that I just think there's a million other people who will. So good riddance."

The ex-boyfriend did apologize and she says she's not going to name him because she doesn’t want to shame him as she feels she was.