Woman Furious for Not Being Allowed on Plane Screams at JetBlue Employee: 'You Rapist'

Officials said Sabrina Thomas was not allowed on the flight because she showed signs of intoxication.

A passenger was filmed having an epic meltdown at a Florida airport, screaming at a JetBlue employee. 

"Get me out of this sick, f***** up place! You rapist!" the woman shouted inside the Fort Lauderdale airport, leaping at the counter. 
The woman, identified as Sabrina Thomas, 26, was not allowed on her flight because she showed signs of intoxication, according to officials. 

She was less than pleased when she was informed she'd be staying behind, even threatening that she had a weapon. 

"Get me out of here! I have a f***ing gun on me because I’m homeless! Get me out!" she screamed. 

Dre London, a top music executive who represents stars like Post Malone, recorded the crazy scene as he waited for his flight. Right after her tirade, the passenger grabbed her ticket and bag then walked away like nothing had happened, according to London. 

But then, when authorities put her in handcuffs and escorted her out of the terminal, she continued her yelling. "I f***ing hate white cops!" she was heard screaming. 

Thomas was hospitalized for observation.

The meltdown came as airports across the country are dealing with the government shutdown. The TSA confirmed that there has been an uptick in employees not reporting for work, but said wait times at airport security checkpoints remain well within federal standards. 

On Monday, 99.9 percent of passengers waited less than 30 minutes. But flight attendants and the Airline Pilots Associations are urging President Trump to end the stalemate, saying it's "adversely affecting the safety, security and efficiency of our national airspace system."

The shutdown has left about 800,000 federal employees without pay, including TSA agents.