Woman Has Leg, Fingers Amputated After Getting a Rug Burn

Alecia Kennen said her nightmare began when she tripped over her dog.

A Wisconsin woman is walking for the first time since losing her leg and fingers because of a rug burn earlier this summer.  

Alecia Kennen, 37, said her nightmare began one day when her dogs ran in front of her.

"I tripped over my feet and went down to the ground and that's where I got the rug burn on my shoulder that started the nightmare,” she told Inside Edition. 

Less than a week later, the mom of three boys was airlifted to the hospital as her fingers and toes started turning black.

"I continuously asked the flight medic if I was going to die,” she recalled. "I was definitely afraid I wasn't gonna make it to watch [my sons] grow up."

She had suffered toxic shock syndrome, a diagnosis that came after doctors discovered her sons had all come down with strep throat.  

"What they believe is that the strep bacteria entered into my bloodstream through that rug burn on my shoulder,” she said. 

She said there was no other choice and the mother had to amputate all her fingertips, toes and her right leg below the knee.

Inside Edition was with her as she was fitted with a prosthetic leg and learned how to walk again. 

She said, "It really does feel good,” adding that the experience was “a lot more natural than I expected it to feel."

She was a mixture of emotions as she walked, saying, "I’m happy, I’m excited. I guess I’m also a little bit sad because of what has brought me to here."

Back home in Rice Lake, her kids are showing the mom love and support. As for the dogs she tripped over, she still loves them as well.