Woman Hysterical During Fish Pedicure Experience: 'I Was Thinking Piranhas'

Jacqueline Wehmeyer was seen screaming as hundreds of tiny garra fish rub against her feet in a tank.

Are these pedicures relaxing, or just plain fishy?

Jacqueline Wehmeyer, 68, was seen squealing hysterically when her daughter treated her to a fish pedicure during a recent spa day, in which garra rufa fish rub against the feet to peel off dead skin.

"I was just thinking piranhas, you know?" Wehmeyer told InsideEdition.com.

She was filmed in a Caters News video screaming and laughing as she tested out the water before she finally submerged her feet.

"I kept going up and down until I finally got used to it," she said. “What was I nervous about? What the fish were going to do."

She explained that it all started when her daughter, Jennifer Parry, 42, was given a gift certificate to Garra Fish Spa Experience in Newport, Ky.

"I couldn’t do it — I was completely paralyzed," Parry told InsideEdition.com. "You really don’t know what to expect. I mean, I didn’t think 'piranha,' but I don’t know, the unknown."

Parry called her parents from the shop, and they eventually decided that they would also try it if Parry gave it a shot.

"The first initial shock when you put your feet in […] it’s something unnatural, or it’s something you’re not used to," Parry recalled. "But when you get in, you just relax, like it’s calming."

Both Parry and Wehmeyer agreed that once they got used to the idea, the spa felt like tiny Jacuzzi bubbles popping against their feet.

"What the garra fish do is they rub up against your feet, they look for the vibration of your body so they feel your pulse or your blood flow, so they rub against your feet with their scales,” Parry described. “Just by them touching you, within 20 minutes, they can take off three layers of dead skin. We did it about a week and a half ago, and my feet are still smooth."

Despite Wehmeyer’s initial hysteria, they both agreed that they’re looking forward to their next visit to the fish spa.