Woman in UK Photographed in Exact Same Spot on Google Maps Nearly a Decade Apart

From left: woman standing on street corner wearing a shirt, bag and cardigan while holding pink bag. On Right: the same woman standing on same street corner wearing black dress and multi-colored bag
Google Maps

“People probably think I'm a time traveler,” Leanne Cartwright said.

A woman found herself in a rare situation where she was pictured in the same spot by Google Maps almost 10 years apart.

Leanne Cartwright, a 41-year-old U.K. mom, was captured by the Google Maps camera car on a street corner back in 2009, reports the New York Post. She then was captured in 2018 on that same corner by Google, according to the news outlet.

The mother of one had seen the Google car the first time around so she knew she had been caught on the corner, but the second time around she says she didn't even know.

"Richard [her husband] found the second one while he was at work because he was looking for the first one. He was going to send it to me and then he realized I was back on it,” said Cartwright in a Facebook post, according to the LADBible.

The images are practically the same, with Cartwright in the same exact place holding her bags in the same hand. The only differences are the clothes she's wearing and different shops behind her. 

“I'm standing on exactly the same paving slab and I've still got a bag on my shoulder. It's so funny but so bizarre,” said Cartwright in a Facebook post, according to the Daily Mail.

Cartwright is enjoying the attention, and jokes about being in a one-in-a-billion situation. 

“People probably think I'm a time traveler. I could be the only person in the world who they've caught in exactly the same place almost a decade later. I've had loads of likes. It's been funny reading the reactions,” said Cartwright in a Facebook post, reports the Daily Mail.

While she made it twice onto Google Maps, she unfortunately didn’t make it into the new 2020 pictures, as she was working from home during the pandemic, reports the New York Post. 

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