Woman Killed in Chiefs Parade Shooting Identified as Kansas City Radio Show Host

"Lisa met no strangers. Any place she would enter not knowing a soul, she walked out hugging people,” Lisa Lopez-Galvan’s brother says.

Questions are being raised about how the shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs victory parade Wednesday started.

A million people were celebrating the football team’s Super Bowl win when gunshots rang out. One woman was killed and 22 people were wounded. 

The woman killed was identified as Kansas City radio show host Lisa Lopez-Galvan. She leaves a husband and two children.

Lopez-Galvan’s brother and sister spoke out about his sister’s death.

“Lisa met no strangers. Any place she would enter not knowing a soul, she walked out hugging people and had the biggest heart and I think that’s the memory that we will all take away from this,” Lopez-Galvan’s brother says.

Three people were detained and authorities say the shooting seems to have been connected to a personal dispute.

Police say the shooting was neither terrorism nor an act of a crazed gunman. Two juveniles and one adult are being questioned. One of the juveniles was caught on camera in handcuffs and wearing a Patrick Mahomes jersey.

“My daughter said that some lady was holding them back and people had started backing up. And then he pulled [the gun] out and he just started shooting and spinning in a circle,” parade-goer Jacob Gooch says.

Kansas City schools were closed so thousands of kids could attend the parade. Nine children were shot and are being treated at a children’s hospital. The youngest victim is 8 year old.

ER nurse Chastity Logsdon was at the parade with her family and stayed in the line of fire to give a stranger CPR.

“I don’t feel a pulse so I just started compressions, just straight up started compressions, and my mom, I can hear her screaming, ‘Come on,’ and I’m like, ‘Just go, just go,’” Logsdon tells Inside Edition.

A group of parade-goers chased down an armed suspect, wrestled him to the ground and held him until police arrived.

“As he got close and I got a good angle on him I tackled him from the back and took him down,” Paul Contreras tells Inside Edition. “As I take him down I see the gun fall to the ground.”

Contreras’ daughter, Alyssa, says although it was scary to watch her father catch the suspect, she is proud of her dad’s heroic actions. “All the recognition he’s getting is very well deserved,” she says.

Trey and Casey Filter also helped bring down the armed suspect.

“When he was tackled, he was carrying an assault rifle and running with it. It came flying out after we tackled him,” Trey says.

On social media, Travis Kelce posted, “I am heartbroken. KC you mean the world to me.”

Patrick Mahomes wrote, “Praying for Kansas City.”

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