Woman Leaves Waitress $5,000 Tip as Act of Revenge Against Boyfriend: Cops

Serina Wolfe allegedly left a waitress a $5,000 tip in an act of revenge.
Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

A 24-year-old woman has been arrested in Clearwater Beach, Florida, for leaving a $5,000 tip on a restaurant bill in what authorities say was an act of "revenge."

After getting into a fight with her boyfriend at the Clear Sky Café, authorities said Serina Wolfe used his credit card to leave the very generous tip on a $55.37 bill. 

Once the boyfriend, Michael Crane, noticed the charge, he confronted Wolfe, authorities said, who denied leaving the tip. Crane reported the charge as fraudulent, but by that point the restaurant had already paid out the tip to the waitress. 

The waitress, who had reportedly recently put down her dog, merely thought the tip was meant to console her, according to WFTS. It will be up to the restaurant and the waitress whether she gets to keep the tip.

Wolfe, who authorities said later admitted that she left the tip, is charged with felony grand theft. She has not yet entered a plea.


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