Woman Mistakes Spider-Man Statue in Front of Children's Zoo for 'Demonic' Figure

The woman said the statue was satanic.

The woman wrote a letter to the town's mayor about her complaint.

Some people in the community weren’t happy when a Nebraska town erected a statue of Spider-Man’s hands.

A woman in Lincoln wrote a letter to the town’s mayor saying that the giant hands, shaped like the superhero's famous web-slinging move, in front of Lincoln Children’s Zoo were “demonic” and "formed into devil horns,” KTMW reported. She called the statue’s presence a “hate crime against the church."

"This is in my opinion Spider-Man hands," Matt Schulte, an organizer from Youth for Christ in Lincoln, told the station. "Very clearly there are webs shooting out of it, red and black so it looks very much to me like Spider-Man.

"But unfortunately that's not how everyone felt for a while. So it's clearly red and black which people use for the devil. There's a hard rock symbol for the devil's horns but it's clearly Spider-Man or I love you in sign language," Schulte added.

The sculpture is part of an installation at the zoo called “Showing Hands.” All of the art is G-rated for community display.

"I have never seen the devil in a superhero much less this piece of art," said Liz Shea-McCoy, the project director. "Right behind it is the Children's Zoo."

The woman who’d initially complained about the art allegedly took a second look and realized the Spider-Man relation.

"One of the fun things about art is that people can interpret things differently," Schulte said. "I just wish she took another step or two to understand the project."

The statue is set to be auctioned off for charity this fall.