Woman Recants Acid Attack Story, Says She Did It to Herself: Report

Lizzie Dunn initially claimed a stranger tossed a caustic substance in her face.

A New York woman who reportedly told police she was the victim of an acid attack has recanted her story, cops said. 

Lizzie Dunn, 52, told CBS New York she was attacked Monday morning in Staten Island by a stranger who she claimed tossed a caustic substance in her face, inflicting serious burns.

Dunn told police at the time that she was alone at a bus stop around 11 a.m. when a woman asked her for cigarettes and money. 

"I just kept walking," Dunn said from a hospital bed. "I didn’t respond and I think that triggered something in her."

But, on Tuesday evening, it was reported that Dunn told cops she actually harmed herself. 

Self-inflicted or not, Dunn suffered second-degree burns on the left side of her face and scalp.

Police have not determined whether she’ll face charges for filing a false police report, according to CBS New York.