Woman Saves Delivery Boxes for Weeks so Husband Is Greeted by Mountain of Packages Outside Home in Epic Prank

Melissa and Ryan Beeler have pranked each other quite a bit during their marriage. But this one might be the most epic one yet.

The key to a successful marriage is a good prank and a good sense of humor. At least that’s the case for Melissa Beeler and her husband, Ryan. She pulled off the ultimate April Fools' joke that has gotten the pair quite a bit of attention.

After Ryan told Melissa that she needed to chill out on the online shopping, she hatched up a plan. She began saving every package that came to her house. “I just started saving boxes. And luckily, my daughter's birthday was a couple of weeks before, so I had an influx of packages coming. And then my friends helped me out as well.”

On the big day, she taped every package back together and then filmed his reaction. “I had to buy some stuff for the baby’s room. The baby needed some things,” she said in the TikTok video. His response: “Some things?!”

And what made the prank even better, aside from the look of horror and annoyance on Ryan’s face, was that as the prank was happening, a real UPS delivery man shows up with actual purchases. “It's like everything aligned for that prank to go right,” Melissa said.

But before you feel sorry for Ryan getting punked, know that he has pranked Melissa many times before. “So I've never successfully pranked him before, but he gets me all the time. He just loves to mess with me and push my buttons,” she said.

Even so, because this particular joke has gotten so much attention, Melissa knows it's only a matter of time before he gets her again. “I'm really scared he's going to get me back now," she said. "He's been making little comments because this has gotten so big. So I'm walking around, just looking over my shoulder, just waiting for something to happen.”

And even with pranks and jokes, there’s never any hard feelings with this Oklahoma couple. If anything, it makes their bond stronger. “We love to have a sense of humor,” Melissa said. “I feel like that just makes everything better in the relationship.”