Woman Tracks Down Biological Mom, Who Donated Egg as a College Student

The two went to the same school and share the same love for music.

A mother and biological daughter have had a reunion that's 20 years in the making.

Since turning 18, Elizabeth Gaba was on a quest to find the egg donor who gave her life

On her birthday, Gaba, a singer and college student, was given a file that contained a photo of her biological mother lounging by a pool, as well as information that she had graduated from USC in 1999 and was a member of a sorority.

Amy Throckmorton says she donated her egg to help pay for college and told Inside Edition, "You always have that thought in the back of your mind, 'Am I ever going to get that knock on the door?'" 

She never knew if the egg was ever used. 

Gaba tracked Throckmorton down with the help of her sorority sisters. 

They met for the first time recently, and were astounded by their similarities.

“We discovered she is in the same a capella group that I am in now," Gaba said. 

In 1999, Throckmorton was a member of the SoCal Vocals. Gaba is currently a member of the singing group. 

“It is a mind-bending story," Throckmorton said. "The coincidences are so crazy."

In addition to attending the same college, and membership in the same singing group, they both share a love for birds.

“I am really obsessed with birds," Gaba said. "I don't know where they came from but I guess now I know where that obsession comes from."

Throckmorton, who has three kids of her own, is thrilled to make this long-lost connection.

"I am super glad to know her," she said. 

“We are great friends who happen to share 50 percent of DNA," Gaba added.