Woman Undergoes Procedure to Get a Nose Just Like Meghan Markle's

Dr. Norman Rowe says he's getting an increasing number of requests for the nose of the future royal.

As Meghan Markle mania shows no signs of slowing down, more women are trying to get that "Markle Sparkle," with some willing to go to extreme lengths to look like the future royal. 

Dr. Norman Rowe says he's seeing more and more women wanting Markle's nose.

"Her nose looks wonderful in profile,” he told Inside Edition. “She's got a very petite, very feminine look to her nose.” 

Corina Catapano says she has always felt self-conscious about the little bump on her nose, so she's ready for a change. 

After marking and numbing her nose, Dr. Rowe injected fillers to even everything out to achieve that desired Markle look. 

She said all she felt was “a little pinch, but after that I don't feel anything.” 

After a mere 20 minutes the difference can be seen in her nose and she didn’t even have to have surgery.