Woman Uses Skeletons to Persuade Drivers to Slow Down

A hidden driveway sign wasn’t enough for Coleen Towne.

One Oregon resident found a unique way to persuade drivers to slow down around her driveway – skeletons.

Five residents in a Medford neighborhood share a single driveway, which is right on a curve, making the area unsafe for drivers and neighbors alike. One person even slammed into a wall in front of one of them homes. 

There is a sign at the driveway, but the hidden warning wasn't enough for Coleen Towne, who said people speed right by the driveway anyway.

So, to get people to slow down, Towne decided to put skeletons at the curb. The figures hold signs that read “Slow Down” and “Save Us And You."

"I've been thinking about it for a long time and just I finally just went, you know, I'm so tired of everybody bombing around this one corner and no consideration,” Towne told KTVL. 

Towne hopes her humor gets people to take their feet off the gas a bit, even if it’s just to read the signs.