Woman in Violent New Jersey Beach Arrest Rips Cops: 'They Think They Can Do Whatever They Want'

The announcement that the officers will not be charged does not sit well with Emily Weinman.

The woman who wound up with a face full of sand during a violent arrest on a New Jersey beach over Memorial Day weekend is telling her side of the story to Inside Edition.

Emily Weinman, 20, was at the Wildwood beach with her aunt and young daughter when she was questioned by police about alcohol in a cooler that was with her.

Footage caught on cell phones and police body cams shows Weinman complying with officers as she takes a breathalyzer test.

“I did it twice," she told Inside Edition. "Both came back negative."

The situation, however, took a turn for the worse after she refused to give the police her name.

“You don’t need to know my name,” she is heard saying to the officers.

Weinman told Inside Edition that she didn’t give her name because she was scared.  

After the verbal confrontation, an officer says, “You’re about to get dropped.”

In video of the incident, Weinman appears to push the officer, but she says she was just holding her arms up.

"I didn’t do anything to him first," Weinman said.

Weinman also appears to be pushed into the sand as she yells, “They’re choking me!”

An officer is then seen punching the woman.

“This police officer just punched me in my head," Weinman said. "Obviously, he’s not trained right. I didn’t do anything to be abused like that." 

Weinman admitted to giving the officer an attitude, but doesn’t believe her behavior warranted getting punched.

"They think they can do whatever they want," she said.

The tape also shows her spitting in the direction of an officer, but she claims that portion of the video did not happen as it appeared.

“I had sand all in my mouth," Weinman said. "It looks like I spit at him.”

She is now facing charges of resisting arrest and spitting at an officer.

The officers who handled the situation will not be charged in the case which has angered both Weinman and her lawyer, Stephen Dicht.

"They just kept pushing and pushing and pushing until you hear that infamous, 'You’re about to get dropped,'" Dicht told Inside Edition.

"He could have handled it a different way," Weinman added.