Woman Who Led Cops on Wild Chase in RV Allegedly Doesn't Own Dogs That Were With Her

The dogs' microchip data shows they are registered with someone else.

The woman who's accused of leading cops on an unbelievable demolition-derby chase in a stolen RV also is believed to have stolen the two dogs that were with her. 

Julie Ann Rainbird is charged with DUI in the Los Angeles chase. The 30-minute pursuit reached speeds of 60 miles an hour, according to reports. One of the dogs even jumped from the vehicle through a smashed windshield at one point. 

Both dogs were recovered and are receiving treatment. But it turns out the animals' microchips show they are registered to someone other than Rainbird, leading police to believe she may have stolen the pups too. 

The RV Rainbird was driving was reportedly bought using stolen identification. Inside Edition spoke to Luz Sanchez, who believes her ID was used to make the purchase. 

As the wild RV chase raged through the streets of Los Angeles Tuesday, Sanchez said she got calls from cops who believed she was the registered owner.

Sanchez thinks whoever bought the RV used her ID during the transaction.

"That person bought the motor home with my licence," she said.

As for the dogs, authorities are trying to contact their registered owner. For now, they are being looked after by Los Angeles Animal Services.