Woman Who Left Toddler on Texas Porch Says She Did Nothing Wrong: 'Everything Blew Out of Proportion'

Keairra Woods says she was doing the boy's mother a favor, but she gave him the wrong address.

The woman featured in the video leaving a child on a stranger's door claims she's not the villain she has been portrayed as. 

“Everything blew out of proportion," Keairra Woods told Inside Edition in an exclusive on-camera interview. "I'm getting blamed for everything."

The 20-year-old says she was doing the boy's mom a favor by dropping young Royal Simmons off at his dad's house. However, she says the child’s mother gave her the wrong address

She said "it wasn’t like" she dropped the boy off at the door and ran off, contrary to popular belief.

Woods says she ran off when she saw a woman coming to the door. She said she assumed it was the boy’s stepmom. 

“I could see her through the glass window,” Woods said. “I'm pretty sure she could see me standing there too.” 

She says Royal's mom has a strained relationship with the boy's stepmom, and instructed Woods not to interact with her.

“She said, 'Leave him on the porch.' I said, 'Are you sure you want me to leave your child on the porch?’ She said, 'Yes!'" Woods claims. 

Woods defended herself when asked why she didn’t stay with the 2-year-old. 

"I didn’t stay at the door because I seen her coming halfway to the door," Woods said. 

In another video released by the sheriff's department, Woods can be seen carrying Royal by his arm from her car. 

"I was trying to carry him and carry his bags," she said on holding the child in what appeared to be a hurtful manner. “It wasn't intentionally on purpose, like, 'Let me drag him up here.' No, I would never do that." 

The little boy's father, who lives next door, was livid about the situation. 

"I am angry! I am upset! Every time I watch the video I get more and more madder," he told Inside Edition. 

The boy was placed temporarily with Child Protective Services in Houston. He is now back with his mom and Woods says her life has been turned upside down. She wants people to know she didn’t mean any harm. 

"Everybody looking at me like I'm the bad person, I was only helping my friend out by doing her a favor," Woods said.