Woman Who Mistook Labor Pain for Kidney Stones Didn't Know She Was Pregnant

Melissa Surgecoff thought she was passing a kidney stone, but was actually in labor. She gave birth in her bathroom.

Melissa Surgecoff was in terrible pain from what she thought was a kidney stone. But it turns out, she was actually pregnant and in labor. She’s now speaking to Inside Edition about the surprise of a lifetime.

“I had no idea I was pregnant. I mean, no idea,” Surgecoff said.

The new mom thought her recent weight-gain was from switching medications for her multiple sclerosis.

"If you see all the signs, they were there. There was weight-gain, there was — my feet were swollen. You know, there were all these things," Surgecoff said.

But pregnancy never crossed her mind. She gave birth in the couple's bathroom. Baby Liam was born happy and healthy.

“It was terror. It was fear. It was insanity. I was shocked. I was happy,” Surgecoff said.

Surgecoff and her fiancé Donnie had planned to get married last year, but postponed the nuptials because of the pandemic. Now, they’ll be saying “I do” in June as proud new parents.