Is This the World's Worst Burglar? Ohio Cops Seek Suspect Who Clumsily Robbed Dollar General Store

Playing Bumbling 'Bobcat Burglar' Has Ohio Police in Stitches Over Dollar General Heist

Police in Columbus, Ohio, are looking for a bandit they've dubbed the "Bobcat Burglar."

The thief was captured on camera repeatedly failing to break into a Dollar General store

First, the suspect tried to break a glass door using a cinder block. That didn't work. Then, for some reason, they climbed up a rack of merchandise and went tumbling to the ground. 

Eventually, the burglar made their way inside the store. Things didn't get easier, though, as the suspect toppled over more displays inside. 

Still, the Bobcat Burglar took alcohol, food, cigarettes and electronics from the store. 

Columbus Police are asking anybody with information about the incident to contact them.


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