You Can Be Pence With a Fly in His Hair for Halloween by Wearing This Wig

Mike Pence Wig
Left: 3Wishes / Right: Pool

During the vice presidential debate last week, a fly sat atop Vice President Mike Pence's head for about two minutes. The moment was much-talked about, and now, a white wig featuring Pence’s signature short hair with a fly in it is being sold for Halloween.

3Wishes has created the “Debate Fly Wig,” which they are selling for $49.95. The white wig has a large fly stuck to the side of it. All the reveler will need to do is pair the wig with a black suit, red tie and white shirt to go as the vice president to a socially distant Halloween party this year.

Election years have always seem to spur Halloween costumes. In 2008, costumes of Sarah Palin, Barack Obama and voter “Joe the Plumber” were popular. In 2016, costumes of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and voter Ken Bone were all the rage.


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