Young Arizona Man With Autism Has Been Missing for Weeks

Jubi Monsif, a 20-year-old young man with autism, has been missing for weeks and his family is desperate to find him.

The Monsif family from Scottsdale, Arizona, is desperate to find their brother and son, Najib, who has been missing for several weeks. 

The young man, who goes by “Jubi,” was last seen in their neighborhood on September 23.

Because the 20-year old has autism and does not have the ability to walk far, his family fears that he may have been taken. 

Rebecca Nold, Najib’s Mother, says "It's just been a nightmare that we're not waking up from. You can't wake up."

His sister, Josephine Monsif, told Inside Edition Digital that their search has not amounted to anything. 

“Police were swarming the area. Everyone was looking, you know, he was expected to be found wandering around within a couple hours and hours passed. And we're driving around, looking everywhere. Police are looking everywhere,” she said.

“And you know, when night hit, we all knew something bad had happened and we're going on 20, 21 days. And with not one lead, nothing like absolutely nothing. He's just gone.”

The Monsif family has set up a Facebook page and GoFundMe campaign to help in their search for Jubi. 

If you have any information on his whereabouts, they ask that you call 911 or the Scottsdale Police Department immediately.

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