Young Siblings Hold Hands in Hospital After Their Parents Were Killed in Car Crash


Their newborn baby sister was also killed.

Two orphaned children were able to hold hands for the first time after their parents and newborn sister were killed in a car accident earlier this month.

Zachary Clemens, 5, Angela Clemens, 8,  and Wyatt Clemens, 4, are recovering at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Texas after the April 7 accident killed their parents Jim, 31, and Karisa Clemens, 29, and their 2-month-old baby sister, Julieanna.

Their 2-year-old sibling, Nicholas, has already been released from the hospital and is staying with their grandmother, reports said.

The heartbreaking photo, posted to the family's fundraising page on Facebook, shows Zachary and Angela laying side by side, both with neck braces, holding hands.

It was the first time Zachary was able to leave his bed. He suffered a broken back, among other injuries, reports said.

“It’s really devastating,” Karisa’s aunt, Teresa Burrell, told KTXS of the tragedy.

Fundraisers set up for the kids have raised more than $130,000.

Their recoveries are expected to take months as they are all still in critical condition, according to the family’s page.

“The children will need extensive care for many months,” the Facebook fundraising page read. “We are seeking funds to help with the funeral arrangements and for medical care of these sweet little children.”

Funerals for their parents and sister were held on April 21.

Only Nicholas was well enough to attend.