YouTube Star Queen Naija Sparks Chaos in Times Square

The singing sensation needed a police escort to get through the crowd.

A YouTube star has caused a stampede in New York's Times Square. 

R&B singer Queen Naija, 22, caused a frenzy Monday when she walked through the "Crossroads of the World" while in town to promote her new EP. 

Back in 2014, Queen Naija, then known as Queen Bulls, auditioned for "American Idol," but was cut when the top 30 were chosen. 

Since then, she's made a name for herself on YouTube, with the music video for her hit song "Medicine" having been viewed 53 million times. 

Queen Naija let her fans know where she would be Monday, but the horde of people caught police by surprise. The singer ended up needing an escort to make her way through the crowd.