Zombies Photobomb Georgia Couple's Prom Pics

Zombies photobombed a Georgia couple posing for prom pictures.
Stephanie Smith Photography


Two Georgia high school students got quite the scare when a group of zombies appeared in the midst of their prom photo shoot last Saturday.

Photographer Stephanie Smith told InsideEdition.com she was snapping shots of the pair, Ethan and Leah, when the undead massed suddenly behind them. 

"Out of nowhere, a group of zombies started walking right in our shot; they were moaning and totally in character," Smith said. 

No, they weren't harbingers of the apocalypse — just a part of the tourist industry in the area, which sprung up because AMC's "The Walking Dead" films nearby.

"I thought it was funny so I just kept shooting," said Smith. "We all kind of laughed and were a little creeped out but went on about our shoot."

Leah's family was so pleased with the results, Smith said, that they've reached out to her to do her senior photos as well.

"I think we will have to do something zombie-related since this was so popular," Smith said. 

Smith added that she's surprised by the amount of attention the images received.

"I love being a part of all these special moments and help families make memories from weddings, to new babies, and funny stuff like this," she said. 

"We never expected this to be so popular since 'The Walking Dead' is our new normal around here!"


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