Texas Cop Pulls Over Teen to Help With His Elaborate Promposal

Turns out, the police officer didn't even need a fake a reason to stop a speeding Andrew Vallerie.

One Texas teen didn't want to be caught at prom without his girlfriend.

Andrew Vallerie wanted to ask girlfriend Erynn Kennedy to prom in an elaborate and special way. So he enlisted the help of some local cops to make the promposal happen.

Andrew asked his school resource officer, David Tatsak of Southlake Police, to pull him over while driving with Erynn. Tatsak was happy to play along.

"I thought it would be a great idea to do this for him. He's a great kiddo and I wanted to help his little dream come true with his girlfriend," Tatsak told InsideEdition.com.

When Tatsak pretended to stop the couple in February, Erynn was seriously nervous. Andrew told CBS DFW that Erynn had gotten two tickets in the last two weeks. "So she was already incredibly angry," Andrew said.

But when the young couple stepped out of the car, Andrew revealed his true intentions. He popped the trunk to reveal colorful balloons and a poster that read: "Going to prom without you should be illegal."

Erynn laughed and agreed to attend the big dance with Andrew.

"I hate you. I literally said he was going to get some cop to pull me over," Erynn said after the reveal.

Turns out, Tatsak didn't even need a fake a reason to stop Andrew. 

"Andrew was actually doing 60 miles an hour in a 45, so it was a legitimate traffic stop," Tatsak said.