Lawyer Stages Fake Trial to Propose to Girlfriend

All rise — engagement is now in session.

All rise — engagement is now in session.

Florida attorney Brandon Dinetz spent five months planning an elaborate fake trial so he could propose to girlfriend Jen Lettman in court.

The couple, both 28, met in 2016 while working as attorneys, according to SWNS. Romance soon blossomed, and Dinetz knew Lettman was the one.

He also knew he would have to find a way to catch his girlfriend by surprise. So he spent months hatching his plan — a fake DUI trial at the Palm Beach County Courthouse. He even got a judge, a defense attorney, a fake defendant and 17 of Lettman's friends and family to sit as the jury.

Before the big day, Dinetz told Lettman she needed to be there to hear his opening statement. 

"When we worked together we would regularly watch each other’s opening statements and critique each other, so it wasn't unusual for me to be in the courtroom with him," Lettman said.

"The judge came out and as usual she asked if the state and the defense were ready to proceed and we said 'Yes we are,'" Dinetz said of the proceedings. "Then she said, ‘Bring in the Jury.'"

And that's when Lettman knew something was up.

"I wasn’t really paying attention until I recognized that one of the jurors looked like Brandon’s dad, which I thought was funny. Then I saw my dad and I was so confused. When I saw my sister I knew what was happening and I started crying," Lettman said.

Soon enough, Dinetz was professing his love to the court. He got down on one knee with a personally designed ring embedded with a diamond from her grandmother’s engagement ring.

The verdict was in: she said yes.

"The proposal was exactly as I hoped it would be," Dinetz said.

"I ugly-cried throughout the whole thing. I don’t remember a lot, but luckily it was caught on camera," Lettman added. "It’s in his nature to make a grand gesture but this time he went above and beyond. He’s such a caring and thoughtful person."

Lettman added that she and her new fiance are enjoying the engagement for now. "We haven’t talked about whether it will be a little court house wedding or a big party. It sounds really cheesy but we’re just happy to be together."