10-Year-Old Boy Rescues Mom Having Seizure in Backyard Pool, Saving Her From Drowning

The remarkable rescue was captured on surveillance video in Kingston, Oklahoma. “Proud isn’t even enough a word for it,” the mom tells Inside Edition.

Any mom would be proud when her son is publicly hailed a hero. But for Lori Keeney, this award is extra special — because her son’s in the spotlight for saving her life.

Surveillance video shows 10-year-old Gavin Keeney diving into the family pool to save his mom, who was having an epileptic seizure at their home in Kingston, Oklahoma.

Gavin lifted his mom’s face out of the water, just like a trained lifeguard would do. Then he clung to the ladder while supporting his mom’s head to keep her from drowning.

His grandfather realized what was happening and rushed to help. Mom threw her arms around him and the family embraced in relief.

Gavin tells Inside Edition he has never been taught how to save someone from drowning. 

Yet he was still able to save his mom, who says she’s amazed when she watches the video of the rescue. 

“Proud isn’t even enough a word for it,” Lori said.

Remarkably, Gavin actually saved his mom's life once before when she was choking.

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