10-Year-Old Missouri Girl Deliverers Her First Baby After Her Mom Goes Into Labor at Home

Miracle holding her newborn baby sister
Facebook/Christian Hospital EMS

10-Year-Old Miracle jumped into action to deliver her mother’s baby when she went into labor 3 weeks early.

A Missouri 10-year-old was honored by authorities after helping her mother deliver her baby sister.

Miracle jumped into action after her mom went into labor three weeks early and needed to deliver the baby from home on Oct. 23, according to a Facebook post from North County Fire & Rescue (NCFR). 

Miracle’s mom went into labor and told Miracle to call 911. When she did, Miracle luckily got connected to dispatcher Scott Stranghoener, according to Central County Emergency 911 (CCE911).

Stranghoener was able to calmly walk Miracle through helping her mother give birth to her baby sister. Miracle even wiped her sister's face, helped get her to cry for the first time, and kept her warm while they waited for paramedics to arrive, according to a Facebook post from Christian Hospital EMS (CHEMS). 

For her heroic efforts, the authorities from NCFR, CCE911, and CHEM all celebrated Miracle for her efforts and gifted her some custom gear, according to a NCFR.

Miracle got a stork pin, which is typically reserved for EMS providers that deliver a baby. She also was given a personalized shirt, special certificates for her hard work, a journal, and a tablet loaded with educational games, according to NCFR.

Miracle wasn’t the only one showered with gifts. Her younger sister Taylor was given some goodies, and her new baby sister Jayla also was given a personalized onesie, a new outfit, and a Pack 'n Play, according to NCFR.

“This beautiful family of four certainly has a great story to tell over the holidays!” said NCFR.

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