Husband and Wife Lose Over 300 Pounds

After ten years of marriage and approaching health concerns, one couple lost over 300 pounds between the two of them! INSIDE EDITION has the story.  

This couple had a combined weight of over 600 pounds!  But miraculously, they lost so much weight, close friends don't recognize them.

Their struggle, and personal triumph is featured in the new weight loss special How I Lost 100 Pounds airing this Friday on TLC.

This is how Dan and Charise Proctor looked on their wedding day 10 years ago.  But just look at them today.

Dan said, "We lost a total combined weight of...,"

Charise said, "Just over 300 pounds."

At their heaviest, Charise weighed over 250 pounds and Dan was nearly 400 pounds.  Dan had a hard time breathing and Charise was becoming diabetic.

"Finally, we just said 'no more'," said Charise.

With their tenth wedding anniversary approaching, Dan and Charise started daily workouts and smarter meal planning.

"We know today what we are going to have for dinner tomorrow," said Charise.

So when they renewed their vows, they posed for the wedding photo they only wish they had 10 years earlier.

And they say there's another benefit to losing the weight.  Things are so much better in the bedroom they almost don't recognize each other.

Dan said, "We have a joke.  It's almost like we are cheating on each other."

"It's almost like we're having an affair," said Charise.