Identical Triplets Get Married Together in Joint Wedding

Three times is a charm!

Many triplets would want to have a different wedding day than their sisters, but not these women!

Identical triplets Radaela, Rochele and Tagiane from Passo Fundo, Brazil all got married to their respective husbands together in a joint wedding ceremony in a Catholic cathedral.

The 29-year-old brides each wore different dressed and intially planned to have their hair and makeup done differently, but that didn't end up happening because they all liked the same look.

For the processional they had a staggering 18 bridesmaids walk down the aisle, who each wore different color dresses to match with the bride's bouquets.

Four siblings marrry on the same day.

Reportedly the pews had to be spaced out to fit the three brides and the altar had to be specially made for the entire party.

The grooms told Brazillian news station Globo that they have mixed up their ladies in the past but not on their big day because of the help of bouquet colors.

And they even took their professional photos, taken by Diovane Moraes, all together with their families, grooms and even the signature kiss and dip pose!