Botox Bandit Caught

INSIDE EDITION has the latest on an arrest made in the case known as the "botox bandit."

The woman called the Botox Bandit has been arrested!

Maria Elizabeth Chrysson appeared in a Miami Courthouse Tuesday on a video monitor from jail.

Daniel Lurvey, Chrysson's attorney, said, "She's anxious to get to court tomorrow to see if we can resolve this matter and get her back out on bond so we can go to court and fight the charges."

The 29-year-old is facing charges of grand theft and fraud after three doctors in South Florida claimed she ripped them off.

Chrysson looked gorgeous the day she walked into a doctor's office in Fort Lauderdale. Surveillance tape shows her talking them into giving her thousands of dollars worth of Botox, then they say she walked out without paying.

The patient coordinator says Chrysson fooled them, because she was dressed in such expensive clothes, she looked like she could afford the pricey beauty treatments.

Dawn Rapano, the patient coordinator, told INSIDE EDITION:

"She had a fabulous dress on and her jewelry was spectacular.  I remember the bracelets, the rings, everything, the boots were hot."

And we're learning more about who this woman is.  She claims to be a model, and it turns out she did do some modeling while she was a student at East Carolina University.  She posed for an issue of Playboy featuring college students.

Chrysson may look stunning in her modeling photos, but she doesn't look quite so glamorous in her mug shot.

We reached her by phone and she says that's not her in the surveillance video, but she does admit to bouncing a one-thousand dollar check to one of the doctors.

"It was simply bouncing a check as opposed to somebody writing a check that they know is not going to have sufficient funds," Lurvey told INSIDE EDITION.

Cops say the Botox Bandit won't be ripping anyone else off anytime soon.