How John Oliver Made Edward Snowden Crack in Interview

It made people think...and laugh, a lot.

During Sunday night's episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,' he surprised everyone when he announced that he flew to Russia for only 48 hours to interview Edward Snowden, the man who leaked classified information from the NSA.

Things got off to a bumpy start when Snowden showed up more than an hour late for the interview, leaving Oliver to wonder if he made the trip for nothing.

Oliver said, "I got 2,000 rubles that says he doesn't make it, without understanding how much money that is, all I'm saying is a 10 hour flight for an empty chair, I'm going to lose my (blank)."

Snowden finally arrived and Oliver asked him some questions you would never expect, beginning with, "Do you miss Hot Pockets?" which Snowden admitted he did.

"Do you miss the entire state of Florida?" asked Oliver.

Snowden responded with stunned silence.

The conversation did turn serious and Snowden explained what his exposure in the news felt like.

"I was initially afraid that this was going to be a three day story, everybody was going to forget about it. But when I saw that everybody around the world said 'Whoa, this is a problem, we have to do something about this' it felt like vindication." 

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Oliver turned to humor to by showing Snowden that most people he approached in Times Square didn't know who Edward Snowden was, and cared little about Government surveillance, until he asked them if they cared about the government accessing their naked pictures.

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Snowden's response was, "This is something that's not actually seen as a big deal in the culture of the NSA because you see naked pictures all the time....They can probably see who you are sharing your junk pictures with because they are seeing who you are texting with who you are calling."

"If I called a penis enlargement center at 3:00 in the morning and that call lasted 90 minutes, would they know?" asked Oliver.

"They would have a record of your phone number calling that phone number which is a penis enlargement center," he replied.

"If the American people understood this, they would be absolutely horrified," said Oliver.

Snowden replied, "I guess I never thought about putting it in the context of your junk."