Madonna Does Standup Comedy on 'The Tonight Show'

She joked about dating younger men!

Madonna was a guest on The Tonight Show on Thursday and made a surprising announcement. The over-the-top pop icon told Jimmy Fallon, “Sometimes I dream about simplicity.”

A surprised Fallon then asked her, “Have you ever done standup comedy?"

She replied, “I haven’t. Maybe one day. I want to.”

He then put her on the spot and said, “You can do it now if you want to.”

The Material Girl didn’t back away from the challenge and got up from her seat and went over to a microphone and did a routine.

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She opened her skit by saying, “I am going to talk about what I know. So, I am going to talk about dating younger men!”

She joked that she was at breakfast with her young son, Rocco, and realized she hadn’t gone on a date in a few weeks and asked Rocco if he had any friends that were available.

The audience laughed and cheered her on and it seemed to calm Madonna’s nerves a bit as she was trying something new.

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Aside from doing standup on The Tonight Show, Madonna, Fallon, with help from The Roots performed her classic “Holiday” on classroom instruments during the show.