Women Try to Woo Masters Champ Jordan Spieth Online

And he's still with his high school sweetheart.

With one shot, a young golfer became the hottest bachelor in the world - but there's a catch!

Jordan Spieth had just won the Masters Tournament on Sunday when he was bombarded by tweets from women all over the world - and they weren't shy!

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One said, "Hey stud, you got/want a girlfriend?"

Another said, "How do I become Jordan Spieth's girlfriend?"

Truth is, Spieth already has a girlfriend. It's his high school sweetheart, Annie Verret, who wept tears of joy as she shared the biggest moment of Jordan's life.

But that's not stopping the tweets!

"I need Jordan Spieth to break up with his girlfriend and marry me," one stated.

That doesn't seem likely, Spieth and Verret are a devoted couple and he's just plunked down $2.3 million for a mansion in Dallas - no wonder he's everybody's golden boy!

He said, "This is a dream come true for me."

It's a dream that began when Spieth was just a kid with golfing talents that earned him the nickname "The Natural" after the legendary athlete portrayed by Robert Redford.

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And, Spieth also has a sensitive side.

His younger sister, Ellie, is autistic and an inspiration to her big brother who runs a charity for youths with special needs.

"I'm a professional golfer, but what I do on the course I want to be secondary to what I do off the course."

So, a superstar is born, and he knows how lucky he is to be living the dream with the girl of his dreams.