Dad Creates Adorable Pics of 18-Month-Old Son with Down Syndrome Flying

Photographer dad Alan Lawrence created a series of adorable photos showing his 18-month-old son with Down syndrome flying.

Why is one boy laughing? Because he can fly!

Of course, he's not really flying, but thanks to his imaginative dad, a little boy with special needs can feel like Super Boy!

Will Lawrence was born with Down Syndrome a year and a half ago, a devastating blow to his parents and four siblings.

Will's dad told INSIDE EDITION, "I regret saying this, but I felt he might be a burden to our family."

His dad, photographer Alan Lawrence, changed his mind when he noticed something special about Will.

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Alan added, "When he rolls on his stomach he puts his hands behind his back and kind of kicks his feet and it looks like he's trying to take off and start flying, so our family has joked that one day he's going to take off and start flying!"

Alan began photoshopping pictures of little Will flying everywhere, the amazing pictures will soon appear in a calendar with half the profits going to Down Syndrome foundations. The photos are an inspiring message for everyone, says Will's mom.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "It touches other people's hearts who have children with special needs."

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