Adam Levine Confronts Man Who Sugar Bombed Him

When Adam Levine was leaving prankster Jimmy Kimmel's studios, one fan tossed sugar on the singer and it was no laughing matter.

Adam Levine was sugar bombed!

The singer was doused with a bag of powdered sugar moments after his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Levine was signing autographs when out of nowhere a knucklehead threw sugar all over him. The star found himself covered in sugar and he looked really upset.

Levine's group, Maroon 5, had just completed a performance of their new hit, ironically called "Sugar," on the show.

After the attack, a fed-up Levine removed his coat, which was covered in sugar, and tossed it on the ground.

The suspect, identified as Navid Farsi, was taken down by security guards. In one video, taken by the website Pop Candies TV, he can be seen being hauled off in handcuffs.

With Jimmy Kimmel's reputation as a well-known prankster, some wondered if the sugar bomb was real?

It seems to be. A rep for Kimmel said in a statement, "Immediately after the incident occurred, Jimmy Kimmel Live! security followed protocol and alerted LAPD who responded quickly and are looking into the situation."

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Just last month, a silly fan rushed the stage during a concert and tried to kiss him. Adam spoke about the incident during his Kimmel appearance last night.

Kimmel asked Levine, "When something like that happens, it's scary, right?"

Levine responded, "Absolutely. The thing is, was she a 90-pound harmless girl? Definitely. Did it feel, because it was so jarring and in the moment and my eyes were closed and I was attacked by somebody, did it feel like a sumo wrestler, yeah."

Now another scare for Levine - this time, with a sugar bomb.

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