Professional Jet-Setter Reveals How He Snags $500-a-Night Hotel Rooms for Free and Other Luxe Deals

Ben Schlappig tells INSIDE EDITION his secrets to scoring posh hotel stays and first-class flights for free.

A 25-year-old professional jet-setter has figured out the secret to living a luxurious lifestyle without breaking the bank.

Ben Schlappig stays in luxurious hotels and travels the world, mostly in first class.

“I guess I'm voluntarily homeless,” he told INSIDE EDITION.

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So how does he afford this luxurious lifestyle? "The idea is to use miles and points to basically pay less for first class than economy," he said.

Schlappig has figured out how to outsmart airlines and credit card companies by racking up millions of miles and points per year without spending millions of dollars.

“My philosophy in life is: if I don't earn a mile, I don't do it, so when it comes to dining, I choose my restaurants, I choose my hotels, I choose everything... Everything is centered around points,” he said.

Last year, he averaged about six hours a day on a plane and covered more than 400,000 miles - that's more than 16 times around the globe.

He's an American Express Platinum member and enjoys the perks of their exclusive airport lounges, which offer free gourmet food and an open bar.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Schlappig during a one-night stop in New York City, where he stayed in a $500-a-night room for free by redeeming points.

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He has his own website, One Mile At a Time, which offers wannabe jet-setters the following tips on traveling on the cheap:

1. Pick a card with points that can be transferred to different airlines and hotels. "That gives you a lot more flexibility with your points. You're not tied to one specific currency then," he said.

2. Choose a card that earns multiple points per dollar. “I have credit cards that offer me triple points on dining, triple points on travel, triple points at grocery stores. Points really rack up,” he said.

3. As long as you pay your bills on time, don't be afraid of having a lot of credit cards. Ben has about 40 cards right now.

"When you apply for a credit card from a bank, they'll often give you 50,000 or 75,000 miles – that's enough for a first-class ticket often to some far-off place," he said.

Follow these tips, and you, too, could travel the world on a dime.

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