Woman Arrested With More than 3,500 Blades In Her Mobile Home

A Florida woman was arrested and police discovered more than 3,500 blades in her home.

What seemed like a warrant issue turned into something out of a horror movie for some Florida police and parole and probation officers.

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Deputies from Hernando County Sherriff’s Office as well as probation and parole officers went to the mobile home of Nickcole Dykeman, 47, to issue her an arrest warrant. But when she wouldn’t come out of her home, they forced their way in.

When they entered her residence, they saw the place was crammed with more than 3,500 bladed weapons, along with plastic body parts and a shrine of fake skulls, according to authorities.

In a press release, the Sheriff’s Office said: “During this time, Dykema utilized a large sword or machete type weapon and attempted to stab Sergeant Calderon, missing his face and head by only inches.”

Apparently she waved another type of sword at officers as well and refused to surrender. Eventually police fired bean bags at her and surprisingly that didn’t stop her.

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Cops say she ran into other rooms of the house as the police fired more bean bags at her and tried to negotiate for her to surrender.

Five hours later, she was tasered and arrested. No one was injured and now Dykeman faces multiple charges.

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