Before Shootings, Gunman Apparently Wrote Online: 'The More People You Kill, The More You're in the Limelight'

Chilling details about the Oregon gunman, Chris Harper-Mercer, are beginning to emerge.

Chilling details about the Oregon gunman, Chris Harper-Mercer, are beginning to emerge.

The 26-year-old opened fire on the Umpqua Community College in Roseburg on Thursday morning, killing nine people before he was shot dead.

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According to reports, Harper-Mercer was born in the UK to a British father before the family moved to the US in the mid-90s. His parents divorced in 2006 and he had lived most recently with his mother in Oregon, OregonLive reported.

In August, he reportedly wrote a blog post about Vester Flanagan, the man who gunned down two Virginia TV news employees live on air.

The post reads: "I have noticed that so many people like him are all alone and unknown, yet when they spill a little blood, the whole world knows who they are. A man who was known by no one, is now known by everyone. His face splashed across every screen, his name across the lips of every person on the planet, all in the course of one day. Seems the more people you kill, the more you're in the limelight."

He also apparently told readers to watch the video Flanagan made showing the shooting, writing: “It's a short video but good nonetheless."

A Myspace profile in his name shows an image of him holding a rifle and features posts supporting the Irish Republican Army (IRA). He also appears to have uploaded a video about the Newtown shooting to the profile earlier this week.

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According to reports, he was also signed up to a dating website with the name Ironcross45, referring to a Nazi military badge. On the site, he said he was a Republican and "doesn't like organized religion."

A witness to his shooting told the local newspaper, the Roseburg News-Review, that the gunman shot people after asking them their religions.

There are also questions over whether he posted about the shooting the night before it unfolded. On Wednesday night, an anonymous user posted a warning not "go to school tomorrow if you are in the northwest."

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