Was Dr. Ben Carson Really Held at Gunpoint at Popeye's?

Cops can't confirm the presidential hopeful was held at gunpoint during a Popeye's stick-up.

There's growing mystery surrounding Dr. Ben Carson's story about a robber pulling a gun on him at a Popeye's restaurant nearly 40 years ago.

“I have had a gun held on me. Guy comes in, puts a gun in my ribs. And I just said, ‘I believe that you want the guy behind the counter. He said, ‘Oh, okay,’" Dr. Carson recalled on The Karen Hunter Show on Sirius XM Radio.

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But Baltimore police can't verify Dr. Carson's account of the robbery, saying in a tweet: “There was not enough info to identify a police report in reference to the incident.”

The Republican presidential candidate got a bit testy when questioned on Friday's Good Morning America: “Well, of course they don't have a record. This happened when I was a resident more than three decades ago.”

The Daily Beast website is now asking: "Was Ben Carson really held at gunpoint?"

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Reporter Gideon Resnick told INSIDE EDITION: “There isn’t really verification that the Popeye’s incident happened. At this point, he hasn’t come forward and clarified specific details about it.”

In a new Sirius XM radio interview, Dr. Carson said the Popeye’s robbery was all too real.

“As a God-fearing Christian, it's something that happened. It's not something I made up,” he said.

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