A Look Inside the Nevada Brothel Where Lamar Odom Partied With 2 Prostitutes

The former NBA star was found unconscious inside a non-descript bungalow at the Love Ranch.

The Love Ranch where Lamar Odom was found unconscious is in the middle of nowhere.

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About 80 miles outside Las Vegas, the only tell a brothel exists is the neon sign that guests first come across before entering.

The NBA star stayed in a private bungalow. Inside is a combined living room and dining area.

The bathroom is like a spa and designed so couples can relax together and a king-size bed in the master bedroom. 

Dennis Hof built his brothel empire in the only state where prostitution is legal -- in eight designated counties.

The Bunny Ranch, located in Lyon County has been around for 60 years and was the centerpiece of the HBO reality show Cathouse.

Hof spoke to INSIDE EDITION about Odom’s bungalow: "He was staying in a 3,000 square foot suite. It is a home. It was set up to party and he was there to party.”

Lamar pretty much kept to himself during his stay and the only public place he visited was the bar where he bought a bottle of cognac. 

Odom was with two of Hof's 550 women, Monica and Ryder, who is said to be The Love Ranch's most popular.

“I am a cute, lovable, bubbly and super-warm girl. I am the star attraction," Ryder writes on The Love Ranch's website.

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Hof told INSIDE EDITION that contrary to reports the women are still at the Ranch.

"They have not left, they have not fled. One is in a room upset as you can imagine, she liked Lamar," Hof said. 

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