How a Devoted Wife Communicates, Runs Business With Her Quadriplegic Husband

INSIDE EDITION met the couple whose touching dancing video became an internet sensation.

Lauren and Joel Jackson spend every moment of every day together.

Joel is a quadriplegic and needs his wife's help to do basic things. They're even in business together - selling greeting cards as Lauren draws the image and Joel uses his mouth to handle a brush to fill in the colors.

In 2009, he nearly lost his life when a drunk driver collided into his car. His head was be fused onto his spinal cord and doctors said it would be a miracle if he survived.

It never occurred to Lauren to leave the love of her life. When they got married two years ago, Lauren sat in Joel’s lap during their first dance.

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Lauren told INSIDE EDITION: “I told him when he could talk again we would renew our vows and when he could walk again we would dance our wedding song.”

Lauren took her vow of taking him through sickness and in health seriously as she nurtured her husband and two weeks ago was given a wonderful during a therapy session. 

“I turned around and they have him standing up,” she said.

Lauren had an instantaneous reaction: “I said ‘Can we dance? Can someone find the song?’”

Their wedding song was Edwin McCain’s 1997 hit “I’ll Be," and that is what they danced to. Lauren sang along as the moment she once dreamed about became reality. She was dancing with her husband.

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Joel communicates via a computer generated voice and when he was asked how much does he love his wife, he replied: “How much time do you have?”

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