NASCAR's Jeff Gordon Gives Fan His Own Car After Hers Was Destroyed in a Fire

NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon surprised one of his biggest fans by giving her one of his personal cars.

NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon surprised one of his biggest fans with his personal 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo SS after hers burned down in a fire. 

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Loraine, an avid racing fan, met Gordon earlier this year at a special VIP Experience and the driver learned that she had lost her car. 

This week, Gordon surprised Loraine by giving her his personal model of the vehicle.

“If you have this car, you are definitely one of my biggest fans,” he said to Loraine. “It broke my heart to know that you had one of these cars and it caught fire and burned down… We wanted to find you a car to replace that car.”

Here's the car Loraine lost. I signed the tag for her @RaceSonoma. I got to hand her new keys at @citychevrolet.

October 29, 2015

He then told her that the car she was getting was his personal car that went right from the factory to his care when it was first released.

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Loraine was flabbergasted by the driver’s generosity and began crying.

“Nobody deserves this car more than you,” he told her.

Thanks to Loraine & everyone who has shown their support over the years for being such amazing fans.

October 29, 2015

He then joked with Loraine: “Just don’t let this one burn down.”

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