Watch Former Walmart CEO Use Emergency Parachute to Land Plane

Bill Simon crash-landed his plane in Arkansas with the help of the parachute.

A plane piloted by former Walmart CEO Bill Simon parachuted safely to the ground in Bentonville, Arkansas, after experiencing engine trouble shortly after takeoff.

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"I’m gonna use an all-crash here. We're gonna try to find a place up ahead that's clear," Simon radioed from his plane.

The craft is a Cirrus Aircraft and has an emergency parachute built right into its fuselage.

Witnesses couldn't believe their eyes. One person said: “There's some kind of plane coming down with a parachute."

The plane glided to the ground and landed on a highway. It struck a pickup truck but the driver and all three people on the plane walked away with only minor injuries.

INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret went up in another Cirrus plane today to see how the emergency parachute works.

"If there is ever an engine failure, the pilot pulls a red handle and a rocket propels out with a parachute and the plane lands safely," said Moret. 

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Cirrus says the emergency parachutes have already saved more than 200 lives.

The parachute's inventor is Boris Popov of Ballistic Recovery Systems in St. Paul, Minnesota spoke to INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent.

"We have had 330 saves now in the last 30 years," he said. 

Trent asked him the question everyone now wants to know: “Can parachutes like this be used in big passenger planes someday?”

"In the next decade we are going to have some significant change to the strengths, weights and capabilities," he declared. 

The folks in Simon’s plane are now giving thanks that they were able to fall safely from the sky.

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