Does 'Car Karaoke' Put Drivers at Risk? Highway Patrol Warns Against Trend

Highway patrol is concerned #CarKaraoke dangers.

Car karaoke is all the rage as people crank up the car stereo, belt out their favorite songs and post videos on social media under the hashtag #CarKaraoke.

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But could this trend be putting lives at risk?

Some drivers take their eyes off the road while others do dance moves in their seats.

In one frightening viral video, kids in the backseat were singing when suddenly their car crashes. Thankfully no one was hurt.

In another video, a passenger recorded the action with a selfie stick. The driver was feeling the music, lifting her hand off the wheel, then, a flat tire sent the car spinning.

Marco Ferro was the guy in the car holding the selfie stick. The car karaoke may not have caused the crash but the scare sure taught him a big lesson.

He told INSIDE EDITION: “It was probably a bad idea to begin with and I wouldn't do it again. Everything is unpredictable. Somebody jumps in front of you or your tires blow out, you need to be alert.”

Late Late Show host James Corden is making the phenomenon even more popular.
Cameras mounted in his car record him singing with celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Hudson

Driver Chandi Rubin records video after video of car karaoke while she tools around in her Ferrari in Los Angeles. She insists that she is not a distracted driver and all of her car karaoke is now hands free.

INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret asked her: “What is the appeal?”

“When a song comes on the radio and you start shaking your head,” she said.

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The highway patrol is concerned about the growing phenomenon.

CHP Officer Juan Galvan told Moret: “There is nothing illegal about singing in your car. Where it becomes illegal is when you become distracted. You are taking your eyes off the road because you are too into the music.”

So scale back those dance moves and keep your eyes peeled because you don't want your drive to end on a sour note.

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