Rescuers Save Cow Who Was Slowly Being Strangled By Rope

Moving video shows the cow living on a garbage dump in India before she is caught by rescuers and brought back to health.

A cow who was slowly being strangled to death by a piece of rope around her neck was brought to safety following an hours-long rescue effort.

Volunteers from Animal Aid Unlimited, who shared video of the rescue, learned about the cow living in a city dump in India.

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But as soon as they neared the injured cow, she - and the rest of the herd - scattered. After following her across hills and through the jungle, the volunteers finally caught up with her.

Rescuers were able to remove the rope from the bloodied neck wound, which was filled with bugs.

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The cow patiently sat for her rescuers as her injuries were cleaned. After four weeks of love and care, the cow was fully healed and enjoying her new life, the video shows.

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