13-Month-Old Baby Is Heading Home After Spending Her Entire Life in the Hospital

Ada Mesnard was born prematurely at 23 weeks with a twin brother, who did not survive.

Baby Ada Mesnard from Poughkeepsie, New York, has been a fighter since birth. And now, 408 days later, she is finally headed home for the first time from the hospital. She was just over one pound when she was born, which is equivalent to a loaf of bread or a butter block. She arrived at just 23 weeks gestation with a twin brother, who sadly did not survive.

“She and her brother were born very young at 23 weeks and 2 days. He’s now in Heaven. For her, it’s been many, many surgeries,” her mother, Laurena Mesnard, explains. Ada was diagnosed with respiratory issues that required her to be on a ventilator, feeding problems that required a gastrostomy tube, hearing issues, and other medical conditions.

With medical professionals and therapists' help, Ada has learned how to hold her head up, roll over, sit up, play with toys, and even learned how delicious food can be. “Every day was terrifying,” her mother said. “But slowly over about 8 months, she started to make progress.”

And the best part of her recovery: she no longer needs to be on the full ventilator. Her mother adds, “We never thought she would go home without a ventilator. It’s huge! It’s life-changing! For the first time in her whole life - a year - she’s breathing on her own.”

And now that 13-month-old Ada is finally moving in with her family, the best is yet to come. “I hope she conquers mountains," says her mom. "I hope she does whatever makes her happy. We just want her to be happy. She’s been through so much. I hope she can find what she really likes in life, and we will foster that.”

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