Muslims Reject Violence in 'Not in My Name' Social Media Campaign

Muslims around the world are combating Islamophobia and fanatical violence with "Not in My Name" campaign.

Muslims across the world are taking to social media to condemn the terrorist attacks in Paris and remind the world that Islam does not equal violence.

"Not in My Name" has re-emerged as a popular hashtag in the days since the attack. It was created in 2014 by the British organization Active Change Foundation.

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In a video from the group, young British Muslims show solidarity with victims of the attacks and condemn ISIS, which took responsibility for the massacre on Friday.

"ISIS do not represent Islam or any Muslim," a girl says in the video before others state their case against the so-called Islamic State.

"We must all unite together and try to stop this group from damaging Islam and damaging Muslims," the girl goes on.

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The video ends with a series of Muslims declaring "Not in my name!" along with a sign bearing the social media hashtag of the same phrase.

Meanwhile, some critics question why law-abiding Muslims should feel the need to defend themselves to those who don't understand that ISIS doesn't represent their religion.

"Why are muslims expected to apologize for something that jihadists did? are christians expected to apologize for the kkk?" wroteTwitter user @grandesgivenchy.

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